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No. 1774: Garfield versus Zombies

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Garfield versus Zombies

First | Previous | 2014-03-28 | Next | Latest

Strip by: stupidlyclever

{Garfield is walking when he sees a sign, marked "BEWARE OF ZOMBIES"}
{Garfield smugly looks at the reader, pointing at the sign}
{Three zombies start to come out of the ground, grabbing Garfield's legs}
Unnamed Zombie #1: UHHHH
Unnamed Zombie #2: URGH
Unnamed Zombie #3: MMM!
{Zombies begin to chant "BRAAAAAAAAAINS" in the slowly-graying background}

The author writes:

Garfield became zombie food soon after.*

Hey, kids! My name's stupidlyclever (or you can call me SC for short). I've been a somewhat-avid reader of SRoMG for... I think a year now? Maybe? I dunno. All I know is that I come on here from time to time to engage in funny and hilariously creepy Garfield-parodying antics, that's all. With everyone joining in on all the fun of making SRoMG comics, including a person that has set up more than one Garfield-parodying flash collab in the past (and also have been a fan of for a quite a few years now), I just couldn't sit around and watch for an eternity. I had to let my creativity bound in the form of silly parodies of an extremely over-ran comic strip! Hopefully I'll make quite a few more of these in the upcoming days/weeks/months/centuries/whatever. Stay classy, Square Root of Minus Garfield.

And if you're wondering, the reason I picked to do a zombie-based comic is because I was randomly browsing the strip archive, looking for a first strip to "rip apart," one may call it, and I stumbled upon a comic that was simple to manipulate, mainly due to its zomb-esque nature of the gophers in the last panel.

(Bonus points if you spotted the altered in-between panel copyright text without looking down here first.)

[[Original strip: 2002-03-23.

* May or may not be canon to the original GarfieldTM comic depending on the reader's imagination, point of view, thinking capabilities, and/or attitude. See owner's manual for more details. Results may vary.]]

Original strip: 2002-03-23.