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No. 1686: Ted Turner's Garfield

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Ted Turner's Garfield

First | Previous | 2013-12-30 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1686

Strip by: Lubaf

{Garfield is sleeping}
Garfield: I hate Mondays. Mondays are boring. Woe is me...
Jon: {Offscreen} Get the paper, Garfield.
Garfield: Yes, master.
{Garfield goes outside, and picks up the paper, noticing...}
Garfield: It's Sunday!
{Garfield jumps for joy}

The author writes:

By way of explanation (search for "Turner"). Idea from this thread. (If you're curious how long it takes a strip to go through the queue, as of September, 2013, I submitted this at the same time I posted a reply on the thread featuring an Imgur version of same.)

Admin note: Actually this strip got a slightly accelerated run through the submission pile, because of the consonance with yesterday's strip. There are (as of this strip being published) still 8 strips which were submitted in August 2013 which will probably show up soon, plus a lot of strips submitted earlier than that which have been leapfrogged because either because newer submissions are of higher quality or the submitter is prolific and they're being broken up in time.

[[Original strip: 1995-09-10.]]

Original strip: 1995-09-10.