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No. 150: Is that just cool or what?

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Is that just cool or what?

First | Previous | 2009-09-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=150

Strip by: Henning Makholm

Caption: Square Root of Minus Garfield
Caption: The Garfield parody webcomic that anyone can contribute a strip to
Jon: It's Jonpedia day!
Jon: Today, let's talk about furries. Furries are people who like to dress up as animals. Then they have hot sex with each other while in costume.
Jon: Is that just cool or what?
Odie: Is that really an accurate description of what furries are about? Are you sure you're not perpetuating a distorted perspective introduced by sensationalist media that fixate on a small minority within the furry community and falsely represent them as being representative of the whole?
Garfield: Odie is right, Jon.
Garfield: To most people in furdom, their hobby has no sexual aspect at all.
Jon: That sounds boring.
Garfield: But true.
Jon: The first pillar of Jonpedia is Awesomeness not Truth.
Caption: Meanwhile in a dimension where Jon is a Tyrannosaurus trapped in a man's body:
Jon: ROAR!

The author writes:

In which the Garfield cast enact a Dinosaur Comics pastiche, creating a sort of complement to No. 5 "Qwantzfield".

Original strips: 1994-02-14, 1994-04-19, 2001-04-10, 2003-03-24, 2005-03-08, 2005-07-10, 2007-02-15.