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No. 146: Mezzafield

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First | Previous | 2009-08-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=146

Strip by: Colin Foster

Caption: A.D.
Jon: You look like a good subject. Tell me, do you drink alcohol?
Garfield: It's always about you, isn't it?
Garfield: And he asks the obvious question.
Caption: B.C.
Garfield: I hear you have something worth listening to to tell me.
Garfield: I must leave. Somewhere an actual conversation is calling.
Jon: Calling, right.
Garfield: Oh, please.

The author writes:

Immediately after my first Mezzacotta-Garfield mash-up, I suddenly realised that this idea would be the obvious and fun way to go about it. Additionally, I thought that it could be two strips in one thanks to how long mezzacotta's been around. So I put them together and felt satisfied.

Mezzacotta strips from: -1978-06-19 and 1978-06-19

Incidentally, because of this/these strip[s] and Nos. 5, 20, 35, and 47, and 106, the first Garfield strip (1978-06-19) seems to be the most frequently used Garfield strip for the remixes ever.

Original strip: 1978-06-19.