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No. 1424: Garfield's POV

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Garfield's POV

First | Previous | 2013-04-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1424

Strip by: DanielBT

Jon: Come here, Garfield. I have something to tell you.
Jon: I'm going to organize my sock drawer today.
Garfield: This is a red-letter day!
Jon: I'm going to put the black ones on one end and the white ones on the other.
Garfield: Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!
Jon: And do you know what I might do after that?
Garfield: Oh no. Spare me. spare me!
Jon: I might tighten the hinges on my reading glasses.
Garfield: ARRRGH!
Garfield: Oh when will this mad, crazy, merry-go-round existence ever end?
Jon: Or I might give a certain wise guy cat a bath.
Garfield: I'll tuck, you sort.

The author writes:

Considering how Garfield tends to be more the straight man to Jon's dull geeky life, this early strip of the fat cat making his thoughts clearly visible via body language is something of an anomaly, particularly since he generally reacts to Jon's plans with an air of indifference or disgust. So I thought it might make more sense to do the strip from Garfield's POV so his reactions would make more sense.

[[Original strips: 1985-05-19, 1990-04-30, 1989-12-05, 1991-08-12, 1987-06-30, 1994-07-17, 2006-03-26.]]

Original strips: 1985-05-19, 1987-06-30, 1989-12-05, 1990-04-30, 1991-08-12, 1994-07-17, 2006-03-26.