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No. 1357: Garfieldseed

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First | Previous | 2013-02-04 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1357

Strip by: Ben Kenobi

Just another typical Saturday in the life of Jon Arbuckle.
In the morning he reads his paper. Struck by the banality of his surroundings, Jon muses: "To everything there is a season".
In the afternoon, after accidentally gluing a blender to his face, he laments: "A time to laugh and a time to weep".
In the evening, as he is readying himself for an exciting night on the town, he manages to remove the blender and put on his bold flower jumper. Jon exclaims! "A time to plant!"
A sardonic Garfield replies, "Is it Saturday Night already?"

The author writes:

No, Jon, I don't think that's what they meant by "Planting your seed".

A mashup of Garfield Byrd + Pudding pops + Blender Garfield.

[[Original strips: 2008-04-26, 2001-11-28, 2012-10-04. ]]

Original strips: 2001-11-28, 2008-04-26, 2012-10-04.