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No. 1345: The Gar(field) Side

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The Gar(field) Side

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1345

Strip by: MadDogBV

Jon: Eeney ooney wanah! Eeney ooney wanah...
Garfield: There's a phrase you don't hear every day.

The author writes:

This is an homage to The Far Side, a comic which during its running has had several instances in which newspapers mistakenly switched the subtitle/caption of the comic with those of other comics; thus, Dennis The Menace comics would have the caption of The Far Side comic, and vice versa. Examples of this were included in Gary Larson's book The PreHistory of the Far Side. Whenever this occurred, the results were sometimes bizarre - sometimes unintentionally funnier. One example included an instance where two The Far Side comics had their captions switched, and one of the captions happened to be "Eeney ooney wanah! Eeney ooney wanah... eeney ooney wanah...", with the associated comic depicting slugs chanting at an altar of a giant salt shaker (you had to be there). The caption for this comic was switched with that of another Far Side comic, resulting in a pest control man pointing upwards at a tree "infested" with boys in tree-houses repeating that same phrase to an onlooking woman. Needless to say, many newspaper readers that day were baffled and confused because the editor goofed, much to Gary Larson's chagrin, as he received many, many letters of complaint for this and other similar bloopers.

This particular Garfield comic seemed like a good candidate for a "switch".

[[Original strip: 1995-04-29.]]

Original strip: 1995-04-29.