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No. 1186: Manga Nermal

First | Previous | 2012-08-17 | Next | Latest

Manga Nermal

First | Previous | 2012-08-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1186

Strip by: DanielBT

{Garfield pops in through the window}
{Garfield stares}
{Nermal reacts in shock}
Nermal: Out!
Nermal: You can scratch my chair,
SFX: Snarl snarl snarl
{Garfield stares}
Nermal: You can play with...
SFX: Pad pad pad pad pad
{Garfield steps}
SFX: Pad
{Garfield steps closer}
SFX: Pad
Nermal: My rubber mousie...
{Garfield looms over Nermal}
SFX: Pad pad pad pad
{Garfield raises a paw over Nermal's head}
{Garfield swings paw downwards}
SFX: Fwoom
{Nermal ducks}
{Garfield's paw hits the ground}
SFX: Pad
{Nermal opens his eyes}
Nermal: And you can insult my mother,
SFX: Pad pad
{Garfield walks away from Nermal}
SFX: Pad pad pad
Nermal: You could beat up my dog...
{Nermal notices Garfield eating something}
SFX: Munch munch
{Garfield continues noisily eating}
SFX: Munch munch munch munch
{Close-up of Garfield's disgusting eating habits}
SFX: Chomp chomp
{Nermal reacts in shock}
Nermal: If you so much as touch my food,
Nermal: I'll squash you flat,
SFX: Boing boing boing
Nermal: Okay?
SFX: Boing boing
{Nermal trips}
SFX: Klip
{Nermal falls}
SFX: Splat
{Garfield notices the cushion}
SFX: Twinge twinge
{Garfield moves paw towards said cushion}
{Nermal gets even more shocked}
Nermal: You don't eat my food.
SFX: Dash
{Nermal makes a 5-point landing on the cushion}
SFX: Fwump
Nermal: And you don't sleep in my bed.
{Nermal stares accusingly at Garfield from his position}
{Garfield stares right back}
SFX: Stare
{Nermal looks wary}
{Garfield looks closer}
SFX: Glare
{Garfield stares even closer}
SFX: Stare
{Nermal looks totally unhinged}
{Garfield raises his paw up}
{This time, his paw hits Nermal}
SFX: Moosh
Garfield: My bed.
Nermal: Yes, sir.

The author writes:

I'm surprised no one has seen the obvious parallels between Chii and Nermal, since each one is vying for title of the Cutest. (My vote goes to Chii.) Too bad that even with Garfield's dialogue, Chii is a total walkover.

Many thanks to DokiDoki for first translating the Manga in the first place. If anyone wants to see more cute cat comics, be sure to pick up Vertical's translation of Chii's Sweet Home.

Original Chii: available here.

Original Garfield strips: 1981-06-02, 1985-10-06.

Original strips: 1981-06-02, 1985-10-06.