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No. 113: Sunday Every Day

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Sunday Every Day

First | Previous | 2009-07-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=113

Strip by: qvaak

{Garfield sits while Jon shuffles slowly into view, unshaven, wearing pyjamas and carrying a cup of coffee.}
SFX: THONK! {Garfield looks down at Jon's feet and Jon's eyes open wide in shock}
{Garfield and Jon look at each other silently.}
Jon: Excuse me for a moment.
{Jon slowly shuffles out of frame.}
Jon: {from out of frame} HYAAAGH!
Garfield: He prefers to do the "stubbed toe dance" in private.
Jon: {from out of frame} YEEE! YAHHHH! EEEESH!

The author writes:

Comment by site admin: And in contrast to the overly padded Sunday strips highlighted in April of No Sundays Collection, some of the regular 3-panel daily strips actually improve when they are stretched out to seven panels.

Original strips: 2004-03-14, 2009-04-30.