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No. 1109: Burgerfield

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First | Previous | 2012-06-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1109

Strip by: NES Boy

Irma: Here's your burger.
SFX: plop {Irma flips the burger patty, without a bun, on to the counter}
Jon: Uh, don't I get a bun?
Irma: {writing on her order pad} What else would you like, hon?
Garfield: Milkshake, hold the cup.

The author writes:

This strip borrows from a particular Berke Breathed work that cropped up in The Academina Waltz, and twice more in Bloom County. (I've read it even reappeared a few more times in Opus.) Basically, a customer tries to order a carbohydrate-free Whopper, arguing about rights when his order is challenged. He finally gets his order, is asked for anything else, and now he wants just milkshake sans cup, thus making the concept of the bunless Whopper silly.

Here, however, is a different approach. If you've read through the Garfield archives, you'd know that Irma the waitress, whom Jon and Garfield are known to visit occasionally when going out to eat, is pretty eccentric. She had spanked a potato for being bad, forgot her place in the diner, grinds her own beans with golf shoes, and even surprises customers in a chicken mask, just to name a few examples. By now, Garfield's probably so used to her antics, he'd be making a game out of the whole thing. So when Jon gets a burger without a bun, Garfield decides to take a page out of Breathed's book, only without the nonsense about liberals imposing upon our consumer rights (it's just not his comic's thing, and Irma probably wouldn't care about such concepts anyway).

[[Original strip: 1988-11-09.]]

Original strips: 1979-06-09, 1985-05-21, 1988-09-17, 1988-11-09, 1999-07-17.