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No. 1105: Meet the Garfheads 2

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Meet the Garfheads 2

First | Previous | 2012-05-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1105

Strip by: Midnight Strike

Black and white dog {with purple dog on face}: That's it! The bake sale is off!
Black and white dog: Oh, great! Here comes that disgusting neighbor of ours, Odie!
{Odie throws body against door}
SFX: Knock! Knock! Knock!
Purple dog: {opens door} Well, hello, Odie! Won't you come in?
Odie: Yes. Thank you, mate!
{Odie and purple dog sit at the table with cheesecake on it.}
Purple dog: Would you like some cheesecake, Odie?
Black and white dog: Don't give him anything!
Odie: Why, thank you. I'd love some, mate!
{Odie smashes his head against the cheesecake}
SFX: Splat!
Odie {now covered in cheesecake}: Thank you. It was delicious, mate!
{Black and white and purple dogs prepare to attack Odie}
Garfield {as a puppet}: Pineapples!!!
{Pineapples are thrown at all three dogs}
Odie: Oh, boy! When are we going to have pineapples, mate?

The author writes:

Follow-up to Meet the Garfheads. Scenario and dialogue taken from the Rocko's Modern Life episode "I Have No Son."

[[Original strips: 1993-06-22, 1995-08-29, 1984-03-30, 2005-03-13, 1983-11-22, 1981-08-02, 2006-03-12.]]

Original strips: 1981-08-02, 1983-11-22, 1984-03-30, 1993-06-22, 1995-08-29, 2005-03-13, 2006-03-12.