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No. 1101: Drawrof

First | Previous | 2012-05-24 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2012-05-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1101

Strip by: DanielBT

TV: Ew evah htiw su a nam ohw nac klat sdrawrof!
TV: Doog gnineve ris...
TV: Hi
Garfield: Unbelievable.

The author writes:

I thought about fooling with the name, so the author would be Mij Sivad, but thought it'd be too much work.

[[Original strip: 2000-06-01.

Admin note: After #1071 was published, I received a note from DanielBT:

Today's SRoMG looks a lot like the one I sent you. Are you sure you didn't mix your files up? I'm pretty sure I never added that text either.
Five minutes later, he wrote back:
After taking another look, I noticed that the text was slightly different from mine. This must be a case of two authors stumbling across similar ideas.
Yes, indeed.

And, as it happens, DanielBT actually submitted his version first. Some 20 months earlier, in July 2010. It had been sitting in the depths of my submission pile for that long, and I had completely forgotten about it. So to give it the credit it deserves, here it is.]]

Original strip: 2000-06-01.