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No. 1076: Brickfield 2

First | Previous | 2012-04-29 | Next | Latest

Brickfield 2

First | Previous | 2012-04-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1076

Strip by: Sir Bacon

Jon: Hi, there... I'm Jon Arbuckle. I'm a cartoonist, and this is my cat, Garfield.
Garfield: Hi, there. I'm Garfield. I'm a cat, and this is my cartoonist, Jon.
Jon: Our only thought is to entertain you.
Garfield: Have we dynamite?

The author writes:

This strip features a brick joke back to the original SRoMG strip. You should already be familiar with the concept of the "brick joke" from strip 514.

Strangely enough, this strip references the "Haiku Garfield" strip, which had a sequel created by the very same contributor who made the other "Brickfield" SRoMG strip.

[[Original strips: 1978-06-19, 2008-11-05.]]

Original strips: 1978-06-19, 2008-11-05.