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No. 1072: Famous First Words

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Famous First Words

First | Previous | 2012-04-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1072

Strip by: Craig Wittler

Jon: Liz, remember when we met?
Jon: Remember the first thing I said to you?
Liz: Hi, there... I'm Jon Arbuckle. I'm a cartoonist, and this is my cat, Garfield. Our only thought is to entertain you.

The author writes:

The two "First Thing You Said" and "Continuity Fixed" strips inspired me to fire up my not-quite-Photoshop software and execute a should-be-obvious gag. Yes, technically, this isn't the first thing Jon said to Liz in the strip, but it's the first thing he said to everybody... and "I think I just died and went to heaven" is what he said after she left the waiting room (and is kinda creepy) while "By the way there, doc, what's you're name?" just isn't funny.

[[Original strips: 2012-03-02, 1978-06-19.]]

Original strips: 1978-06-19, 2012-03-02.