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No. 1063: An American Tale

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An American Tale

First | Previous | 2012-04-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1063

Strip by: DanielBT

Our family was traveling
Through the snow to Minsk
Suddenly Papa
Saw these huge paw prints
Garfield: Now that's a problem.
When I heard him screaming
I fainted dead away
Mouse: Awk!
Sfx: Snap!
And I woke up an orphan
Spider kid: Daddy! Speak to me
Spider Mom: Your father is dead, son. I'm a widow now.
Oy vey
Garfield: Woe is me!
(Giant Mouse of Minsk appears twice)
But there are no cats in America
Mouse: Hey gang! The cat's away!
And the streets are paved with cheese
Garfield: Never stand in a warm pizza.
Oh there are no cats in America
So set your mind at ease
Garfield: That oughta make'm paranoid.

The author writes:

It's hard to believe that Don Bluth was once considered a major threat to Disney. If animation executives had been told that stiff jerky-animated shows from Japan would be bigger competition in the future, they would've laughed their heads off. How could second-rate animation compete with fluid animation of funny characters? And not have musical numbers included in the story?

Two decades later, an animation style became the public choice of taste, and Don Bluth became an industry joke.

Also, it was because of An American Tail that Maus was divided into two books and released early, since Art Spiegelman was worried it would be considered a "dark" version of the animated movie.

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Original strips: 1979-08-08, 1982-12-02, 1983-09-16, 1984-12-18, 1986-08-24, 1987-07-07, 1989-04-03, 1989-08-05, 1991-11-08, 1997-02-05, 1999-02-18, 2005-08-29, 2007-02-04.