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No. 1061: Art as Garfield as Art

First | Previous | 2012-04-14 | Next | Latest

Art as Garfield as Art

First | Previous | 2012-04-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1061

Strip by: The Madb

{Jon, in a beanie and artist's smock, looks at a canvas on an easel. Garfield lies nearby.}
Jon: Should I paint a portrait... or a still life?
{a beat while Jon looks at Garfield.}
Jon: Or both.
Garfield: Your muse is not amused.
{Jon smiles enthusiastically to Garfield who is standing now.}
Jon: How about a real dynamic pose?
{a beat, Jon's enthusiasm dims.}
Jon: I guess that IS pretty dynamic for you.
Garfield: Hurry up, I can't hold this forever.
{Jon is ready to paint.}
Jon: Give me a "Mona Lisa" smile.
{Jon is startled as Garfield smiles hideously, eyes crazy and too many teeth.}
{Jon is annoyed.}
Jon: Mona Lisa didn't smile like that!
Garfield: You never caught her at a Willie Nelson concert.
{Liz, smiling, stands next to Jon, who is still painting.}
Liz: What are you painting, Jon?
Jon: Garfield.
{Liz' smile drops away.}
Liz: It needs more orange.
{Jon is resigned, but Garfield beams.}
Jon: There isn't enough orange in the world.
Garfield: I've always thought so.
{Jon puts the finishing touch on the canvas. Garfield is surprised.}
Jon: ...there!
{Jon admires the painting}
Jon: I think I've captured your essence
Garfield: Let's see
{Jon, beaming, turns the canvas around to show Garfield. The painting is a neo-cubist rendering of Garfield's belly. Garfield is less than amused.}

The author writes:

Initially, I just made the last strip (2011-05-07), I did it in a chalk style, with the neo-cubism version of the canvas Jon painted. However, the longer I played around with it, the more I liked the idea of the entire story (except for the introduction strip (2011-05-02) which didn't have Jon in the beanie or smock) done in various styles. The first is a haloed style for memories that are more myth than reality, the second is a darker, blurred look suitable for the destruction of expectations. The third strip was a kind of pastel optimism (that Garfield wouldn't ruin Jon's day). The next to last was your typical newsprint to represent the lowest-common-denominator humour.

Original strips: 2011-05-03, 2011-05-04, 2011-05-05, 2011-05-06, 2011-05-07.