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No. 1039: Ionfield

First | Previous | 2012-03-23 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2012-03-23 | Next | Latest

Strip by: noname

{Jon walks up to a cookie jar.}
{Jon takes off the lid to the cookie jar.}
{A bright light goes out of (or in?) the jar, taking Jon by surprise.}
{GDI's satellite strikes Jon's house.}

The author writes:

I thought that this ray out from cookie jar may also go from above. And yes, this is just edited AlPenguino's mash-up strip.

Original Garfield strips: 2007-10-05, 1994-07-10.

Ion cannon picture copyright Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts and used here as a vehicle for parody only.

Original strips: 1994-07-10, 2007-10-05.