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No. 707: A dinosaur park with a difference

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A dinosaur park with a difference

First | Previous | 2018-04-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=707

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar, Jonathan Gan, Ian Boreham

T-Rex: I've got a cool idea for a theme park. I get DNA from a bunch of fossils and
T-Rex: We'll have Postosuchus and Coelophysis and Plateosaurus and Staurikosaurus and Pterosuchus! I'll call it TRIASSIC PARK!
Utahraptor: Uh, T-Rex...
Utahraptor: You're playing God! All those dinosaurs went extinct for a reason!
T-Rex: Because they were delicious, I know!
T-Rex: All the more reason to want them back!

The author writes:

We were discussing Jurassic Park and its various sequels[1], and we thought what if T-Rex did that? Of course, T-Rex is a Cretaceous dinosaur so he couldn't very well do Cretaceous Park[2], and Jurassic has already been done, so basically it has to be Triassic Park.

So we looked up what cool and famous dinosaurs were from the Triassic!

Yeah. You might remember Coelophysis. If you've read the novel of Jurassic Park. Maybe. And in fact Postosuchus and Pterosuchus aren't even dinosaurs, they're crocodiloid reptiles[3].

[1] In which for some reason, after the events of all the previous movies, people think it's a good idea to build another dinosaur park.

[2] Because that would be like us doing Quaternary Park and populating it with Dolly the sheep and stuff.

[3] Which are also cool. Hey, we got nothing against crocodylomorphs here on The Dinosaur Whiteboard.