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About The Dinosaur Whiteboard

The Dinosaur Whiteboard is one of the top few non-Alaskan non-furry non-paintball dinosaur comics.

The comic is based on Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics, which is - perhaps - even more awesome. I got a really cool Dinosaur Comics whiteboard (in fact I bought two, one for home and one for the office. No, really!), and decided to make comics with it and - this is the tricky bit - let people see them!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is cool! Where can I get a Dinosaur Comics whiteboard of my own?
I'm glad you asked! You can order them online from Topatoco. Profits from sales go to Ryan North, creator of the original Dinosaur Comics, who has to pay his bills from comics-related income, so go support the man!

Does Ryan North know you're doing this?
I sure hope so, because I asked him if I could do it before creating the website, and he said:

Yeah, I say go for it! It's more comics and tacit advertising for the whiteboard, so I am super down with this.
And in case he ever forgets he said that, this will serve as a public record!

Is this like other mezzacotta comics? Can I submit a comic and have you publish it?
Sure! Just make a Dinosaur Whiteboard comic, take a photo, and send it to me. What's that? You don't have a Dinosaur Comics whiteboard? You better buy one!

If you want to submit a comic: