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No. 567: Questionable content

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Questionable content

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=567

Strip by: manyhills

T-Rex: Why don't we try... ONLY TALKING IN QUESTIONS??
Caption: T-REX -IN-: "Questions"
T-Rex: How are you, friend?
Dromiceiomimus: Why are you doing this?
T-Rex: Do I need a reason?
Dromiceiomimus: Isn't it otherwise impolite?
Utahraptor: T-Rex, did you steal my fairy cakes?
T-Rex: What proof do you have?
Utahraptor: Aren't these your fingerprints?
T-Rex: Can I talk to my lawyer?
Utahraptor: So you don't deny it?
{T-Rex stands in a witness box}
Judge: How do you plead?
T-Rex: Not gui-
Judge: HA! You lose! Guards, take him away

The author writes:

Ros: What kind of a comic is this?
Guil: Who would rip us off so flagrantly?
Ros: Could someone so perverse and unwholesome exist?
Guil: Have you ever met manyhills?
Ros: Huh?
Guil: Foul! No grunts. Love-one.