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No. 186: Birdplay

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/dinosaur/?comic=186

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar, Andrew Coker, Tim Mason

T-Rex: I am a raptor!
T-Rex: RAPTOR I tell you!
T-Rex: Yay me, the awesome RAPTOR!
Utahraptor: I find your claim specious!
Utahraptor: You're not raptor!
T-Rex: I am so much a raptor that the reader is hanging on my every word!
T-Rex: I am the raptor...
T-Rex: and they are the raptee!

The author writes:

In dinosaurian terms, the so-called raptors are the group of dinosaurs forming the family Dromaeosauridae. This family includes such savage sounding species as Velociraptor, Pyroraptor, Acheroraptor, Atrociraptor (seriously, a raptor that commits atrocities!), and of course the fearsome and terrifying Bambiraptor.