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No. 322: Virgin on the Ridiculous

Virgin on the Ridiculous

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Strip by: manyhills

Title card: Lightning made of Owls
{Oliver is sitting down when the doorbell rings. He gets up and answers it.}
Oliver: Oh, hey Sam—
Samantha: Oliver! You have to help me!
Samantha: These evil cultists are after me! They want me as a virgin sacrifice!
{She grabs him.}
Samantha: You have to stop them sacrificing me, Oliver...
{She flutters her eyelids.}
Samantha: ...in any way you can.
* * *
{Samantha is disguised as a lamp. Oliver opens the door to the cultists.}
Oliver: She's not here.
Lead Cultist: Aww.

The author writes:

Obviously there are no backgrounds in panels 3, 4, and 5 because I am making an artistic statement about how passionate the conversation is. DUH!