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No. 321: Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Envoy

Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Envoy

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Strip by: qvaak

Oliver: We've won! I'd be surprised if there was even one Delkin left!
Holly: yay!
Samantha: This is the end then?
Oliver: NO!
Oliver: A moment, please.
Oliver: Here we go!
Samantha: Flowers for dead Delkins?
Oliver: Guess again.
Samantha: Flowers for dying Holly?
Oliver: No.
Holly: I'm not dying
Samantha: Rabid Delkins are attacking!
Oliver: Now you're just being silly. A date?
Samantha: Yes.

The author writes:

Now, all you constrained creating aficionados there, try this! Not the sestina, maybe, but I think in general turning fixed poetic forms into comic constraints is a rather excellent idea. The results may easily become uncomfortably long, though, as just happened to me. Poems play with words, feet, and even syllables. With comics the basic unit is the panel, and that is a rather big thing in comparison. Maybe you are willing to compromise more or maybe you are not writing for Lightning Made of Owls and can more easily afford comic book length results.

Character art is originally Birch's.