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No. 310: Antep of the World

Antep of the World

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Strip by: manyhills

{Meridien is talking on a hands-free phone}
Meridien: But how will I know who you are, Holly?
Holly (through phone): I'll be wearing a baklava.
Meridien: Don't you mean 'balaclava'?
{Holly appears with a baklava on her head}

The author writes:

Based on Dliessmgg's strip 39; the picture of the baklava is from Wikipedia and it's in the public domain.

I don't have access to a scanner at the moment. Perhaps a reason, but certainly not an excuse.

Q. If Meridien knows Holly, as the first panel, in which she calls her "Holly", implies, why does she need some sort of visual aid to recognise her?
A. They know each other through the Internet or something.

Q. Isn't "baklava" an uncountable noun?
A. Probably.