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No. 309: Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Third Stanza

Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Third Stanza

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Strip by: qvaak

Oliver: You are really gonna help me?
Samantha: Yes.
Oliver: Really really?
Samantha: Yes.
Oliver: But only because you think this counts as a date after all?
Samantha: Yes.
Oliver: You know what, I don't need your help!
Oliver: You are a self-centered obnoxious... bitch!
Oliver: So there! Happy now? Zing!
{A rabid Delkin atacks}
Delkin3: urgh.
Oliver: Still alive, still alive.
Samantha: Changed your mind?
Oliver: Guess again.
Samantha: You didn't change your mind?
Meridien: Hi Sam!
Samantha: Hi Meri!
Meridien: How's it going?
Samantha: I'm dating with Oliver.
Meridien: Sweet. Gotta go. See ya!
Oliver: OK. I came back.
Samantha: Because you want to go out on a date with me?
Oliver: NO!
Oliver: I'm sorry, I don't mean to be this hostile.
Oliver: You are, in your own way, a nice girl. It's just-
Samantha: Oh. I know this one. It's just because..
Samantha: Rabid Delkins are attacking!

The author writes:

I think the chibis David Birch made for us fit into this framework very well. When I ran into this idea they were still brand new. When this is published, I think their first appearance is about a hundred strips ago. Time flies, doesn't it.