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No. 6: I See Cleo...

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I See Cleo...

First | Previous | 2015-06-13 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Negative N

{Cleo is talking to her friends.}
Cleo {distraught}: I spent half an hour discussing heavy metal in my undies...
Cleo {cont}: ...What could be worse?

The author writes:

This strip is based on the webcomic School Bites (which has amazing art and some pretty funny moments). This is a parody of the Digital Bikini trope. While in the original arc, Cleo was wearing gray shorts (except in the particular strip on which this is based, obviously), I made her wear her sleeping pants to make my joke clearer.

Again, I have included a bonus strip, which keeps the joke in the original strip. Again; is this version better, worse, or equally as good as my original edit?

bonus strip

Original School Bites strip: 2010-09-08