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No. 54: Linus Garfield Linus

Linus Garfield Linus

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Strip by: Mt. Calvin

Charlie Brown (Talking to Lucy while Linus stands nearby): Halloween is over and the "Great Pumpkin" didn't show up again, did he?
(Linus is replaced by Garfield from Garfield)
Lucy: No, she didn't, didn't she?
(Linus reappears, looking embarrassed or maybe even horrified, as if he swapped dimensions with someone else for a couple of seconds)
Lucy: Never even occurred to you, did it?

The author writes:

Based off the old infamous meme from the webcomic this was born from.

Also, we're not even 100 strips in and I'm already bending the rules.

Original strips: Peanuts, 1991-11-01, Garfield, 2001-11-28

Admin note: This strip was recieved long before the previous one by Colin Foster, but it makes a great follow-up.