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No. 801: Garfield, Scorcese Style

Garfield, Scorcese Style

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Strip by: JLH

{image of Garfield as a Taxi Driver}
Garfield: You talkin' to me?
Garfield: You talkin' to me?
Garfield: You talkin' to me?!
Garfield: Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me?
Garfield: Well I'm the only one here.
Garfield: Who the @%#$ do you think you're talkin' to?
Garfield: Oh yeah? OK.

The author writes:

The Arbuckle household has had a disturbingly large number of different style mirrors over the years.

Original strips: 1984-12-30, 1985-01-28, 1985-03-25, 1988-06-18, 1992-12-10, 1993-11-28, 2002-06-17, 2004-06-18.