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No. 758: Lyman Rieserv

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Lyman Rieserv

First | Previous | 2011-06-16 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Andrew Kepple

Jon: I wonder how Lyman's doing these days...
Jon: It's been years since he went to live with his own kind.
Jon: He's probably happier, now.
Garfield: Lyman who?
{Many Lymans frolicking in an outdoor Lyman Reserve, as indicated by the CAPTCHA-text sign stating "Lyman Rieserv".}

The author writes:

I got a great captcha that I couldn't resist making into a SRoMG comic.

Sorry some of my sources for this are a bit vague. The search-by-keyword function on Garfield.com seems to be broken at the moment, so I had to use Google image search and figure out the years from the blurry copyright text on each comic. I checked the dates as best I could after making my guesses, but two of them are still unknown. Your guess is at least as good as mine!

Original strip: 2001-01-13.

With Lymans and other bits from: 1978-08-07, 1979-04-01, 1979-01-10, 1979-04-14, 1979-02-04, 1979-03-08, 1979-06-10, 1979-08-10, 1985-07-14, 1985-01-26, 1995-10-01, 1998-09-16.