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No. 757: Jon Arbuckle 2001 Random Montage

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Jon Arbuckle 2001 Random Montage

First | Previous | 2011-06-15 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Shane Keil

Jon: All of us have a destiny Garfield.
Jon: I wonder what my place in history will be?
Jon: Does this outfit make me look mysterious?
Jon: I have a laid-back personality.
Garfield: That's why we buried it in the backyard three years ago.
Jon: Look at all this gum stuck under this table!
Garfield: Close your eyes, dipwad.
Jon: Hey watermeleon seeds stick to your face!
Garfield: And walks right in without knocking.
Jon: Here's my first pocket protector.
Garfield: and no past.
{Jon drinking through a straw, with his entire head bandaged}
Garfield: So, what's it like to lick a spark plug?
Garfield: Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
Jon: So I'm dressed as a muscle-bound mime.
Garfield: Try not to get beat up.
Jon: What do you think of my new suit?
Garfield: YAAAHHH!
Jon: Home is where you can scratch where it itches.
Garfield: Home is disgusting.
Jon: Tomorrow I'm going back to getting dressed after I take my shower.
Garfield: Well, at least you tried something.
Jon: I'm thinking about writing the story of my life.
Jon: They inspected my tuna melt?
Garfield: That, or the cook's wearing a new shirt.
Garfield: Somewhere between Floyd the Whistling Snake and crab grass.

The author writes:

A bunch of random Garfield strips from the 2001 calendar year. And thus we know Jon's place in history.

Original Strips: 2001-01-03, 2001-03-07, 2001-03-27, 2001-05-31, 2001-06-09, 2001-07-07, 2001-07-24, 2001-08-30, 2001-09-07, 2001-09-17, 2001-09-26, 2001-10-19, 2001-11-02, 2001-11-24.