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No. 1819: Meta Mid-Point

First | Previous | 2014-05-12 | Next | Latest

Meta Mid-Point

First | Previous | 2014-05-12 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Sir Bacon

Flea: Hello, I'm a flea.
Garfield: I love to tiptoe through tulips.
Garfield: Shortly before discovering the lawsuit!

The author writes:

This is a reaction to No. 1704: Shifting Mid-Point 2, only here, instead of taking the mid-points of Garfield strips, I did the same for SRoMG strips.

You may point out that the SRoMG the second panel is from, No. 852: Tulip Tiptoe, only has two panels and thus no middle panel to contribute, but I will counter-point-out that one of those panels is not from a Garfield strip, but from U.S. Acres instead, and further the Garfield panel is the middle panel from its original strip (assuming you count the title as part of the strip).

Original strips: 2008-11-05, 1982-12-05, 2013-09-10.