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No. 1818: Jon's Evolution in Reverse (including Garfield)

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Jon's Evolution in Reverse (including Garfield)

First | Previous | 2014-05-11 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Edwin Chee

Jon: What if the world explodes?
Jon: It's the new me!
Jon: What ever happened to my glory days, Garfield?
Jon: Garfield, let's just sit here and think deep thoughts.
Jon: It's a new year, Garfield!
Jon: You know what the world needs?
Jon: Oh well, he'll figure it out one of these days.
Jon: Garfield, you shouldn't take food for granted.
Jon: How's this?
Jon: Where's your dinner?!! Where's my dinner?!!
Jon: What would you like for breakfast, Garfield?
Garfield: A cup of coffee, a danish and the newspaper.
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield. I have a surprise for you.

The author writes:

This strip is inspired by how Jon's appearance change quite recently. The transition should happen sometime between August 2013 and September 2013, though I only noticed the change recently, which gives the characters clearer expressions, so when Jon is angry, he looks very intimidating.

Initially, the comic I made is about the character's eyes changing size from small to big, but the size is inconsistent for the last decade. This is why the panels vary in size, due to the alignment of Jon's head (as you might have guessed, the earlier strips gave him a smaller head in proportion to the panel. Hence, the subject changed to an evolution of the characters.

Original strips: 2014-01-02, 2009-01-01, 2004-01-02, 2000-01-03, 1998-01-01, 1995-01-02, 1991-01-03, 1989-01-04, 1984-01-03, 1981-01-02, 1979-01-02, 1978-06-20.