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No. 73: Why wasn't the story set in the Catskills?

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Why wasn't the story set in the Catskills?

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=73

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Erwin Schrödinger is standing in front of curiously-arranged piles of stones, holding a box containing an aggressive-looking cat.}

caption: Once he realised that 50% of the time the cat came out of the box alive, even if it had been dead when it went in, Schrödinger took that box back to the Indian burial ground where he had found it.

The author writes:

Fortunately, it seems that nobody has ever thought of doing a comic about Schroedinger's Cat or old Indian burial grounds before now, leaving the territory open for me.

I first came across the mythical creature called the "wendigo" five years or so ago in the book "Here, There be Dragons". I've noticed mentions of them from time to time since then. It looks like we're having something of a wendigo popularity boom.

Now, I haven't read Pet Sematary, and it's been a long time since I saw the movie, but I found to my surprise just now that the evil spirit behind the sour Micmac burial ground is a wendigo. Mr King must be a hipster, since he wrote about wendigos before they were cool.

I wondered how to depict the box. At first I thought something fancy and eldritch-looking; then I wondered if it should look like a high-tech cat carrier. But of course, if you want to run an experiment that involves putting a cat in a box without getting your face shredded, it makes far more sense for the box to be a cardboard box rather than a cat carrier.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.