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No. 72: Scansion reparo, dammit! Rhymus totalis!

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Scansion reparo, dammit! Rhymus totalis!

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Ron and Harry are sitting in the Hogwarts Express, eating a pile of snacks. Harry is just putting one of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in his mouth.}

Eating bogey beans and chocolate froggarts
On the magic express train to Hog’arts
To learn levitation
And petrification
And spells for riddikulus boggarts

{Harry Potter is playing a game of Quidditch. He is reaching out to grab the Golden Snitch.}

Every young wizard and witch
wants the seeker role playing quidditch
There are bludgers and beaters
And quaffles and keepers
Ignore all of that - chase the snitch!

{Harry and Dumbledore's Army are standing together in the Room of Requirement.}

The Death Eaters all want to harm us
So against the dark arts I will arm us
If dementors may lurk
The Patronus will work
For wizards, there’s Expelliarmus

The author writes:

I recently bought some Every Flavour Beans at the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios Japan. One packet cost 1800 yen, or somewhere over $20 Australian. It's kind of weird to spend a lot of money on something that is supposed to taste gross.

At that sort of price, the pile of confectionery Harry just bought on the train must have cost about $500, whatever that is in galleons.

Alternative text for line 1: "Bogey beans and collectible frog-cards", which avoids the need for a made-up word, but hey, it's a limerick. It's a time-honoured tradition to have silly words, stresses and pronunciations in limericks. Note also that "bogey" is already funny because they're on a train.

I must admit I've never bothered to understand the rules of quidditch, but they seem to be roughly "whoever gets the Snitch wins, and there's some other stuff that happens as a distraction in the background".

Assembled in Inkscape from screengrabs and stills taken from various HP movies.