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No. 7: The King-and-Eye

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The King-and-Eye

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A musical poster, showing a strange collection of characters. A cyborg King of Siam sits on a throne, with a green one-eyed brainwave-emitting tentacled creature on his bald head. Shadowy figures stand around the throne, and a Seuss-like character, S-I-Am is chained to the dais. A girl in steampunk costume stands in the foreground, confronting the king, with a pistol concealed behind her back.}

Title: The King-and-Eye (spelt as in the visual organ)
Subtitle: The new sci-fi steampunk musical!

King: Kill her!
[thinks] Kill me!

Blurb: A young woman's struggle to defeat a tyrant enslaved by an alien mind control parasite - using only the power of steam, clockwork and music!

The author writes:

I have no idea. Don't blame me for this one. Blame my brain.

Drawn by hand, scanned, coloured in Inkscape.