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No. 6: Arthritis

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Robbie the lobster is crankily watching a TV show involving Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, who both have claws and segmented crustacean tails, as well as spiky noses}
Caption: Robbie was sick of all the arthropomorphic animals on the Shrimpney channel.

The author writes:

This is another old strip that never saw the light of the internet day before now.

The only person I showed it to back when I drew it accused it of being "very Far Side". I guess I can't argue with that. Although I wasn't consciously trying to mimic TFS at the time, most of the ideas I had back then were in that mould. I think my sense of humour had probably "set" around the time The Far Side was in its heyday. Unfortunately, TFS was so successful and so merchandised, that it seems like a cliche now, and it's hard to find the strips funny anymore. But they were pretty funny when they were fresh. The same could be said of Mr Bean.

This strip was drawn entirely in Inkscape, back when I didn't have any easy way to scan drawings. It's hard to make a drawing I'm happy with in a vector drawing program. The lines are too regular for my tastes, and I find myself wanting to convert strokes to outlines and tweak them mercilessly.