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No. 38: Back on the Plain Gang

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Back on the Plain Gang

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A hippo scowls at the reader.}

caption: I read that hippos kill more humans in Africa than any other animal.

caption: But I also heard the same thing about the cape buffalo, the rhino, the elephant and the mosquito.

{A hippo with a tribal tattoo smokes a cigarette beside a rhino heavy with gold chains, who stands next to a cape buffalo aiming a sideways gun at the reader, who is next to a scowling elephant with teardrop gang tattoos. A switchblade-brandishing mosquito hovers in the foreground.}

caption: The only rational explanation for this is that they've formed a gang.

The author writes:

Next time I hear the annoying whine of a mosquito, I think I'm going to interpret it as "I'm gonna cut you, beeyatch!"

How, you may ask me, is an ungulate able to hold a gun? Well, the plains are littered with the skeletons of lions who didn't think the buffalo could pull the trigger. All I can say is that it's widespread behaviour. After all, "gnu" was originally just a misspelling of "gun", and you can get small-boar and large-boar swine. And don't forget that some ungulates even have a "cannon bone" in their legs. I rest my case.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.