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No. 172: I wonder where this is leading?

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I wonder where this is leading?

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A page out of a book, "The Westmarch History of Typography". The page contains a photo of a serious-looking elven man who bears some similarity to Max Miedinger, the Swiss typographer. There is a font sample for a typeface called Elvetica.}

text: Elvetica is a widely used sans serif typeface developed in YT 1250 by Noldorin typeface designer Max Fëanor. Elvetica (originally called Tengwar Grotesk) is a neo-grotesque or realist design, created in contrast to the earlier Sarati script fonts of Rúmil, and inspired by Fëanor's passion for modern design and clean, understated industrial lines.

The author writes:

I remember the days, back in the 90s, when "desktop publishing" (sounds so quaint now) was just coming into its own, and the power of design and publishing at the desktop was new and exciting and impressive. Now it's just commonplace, taken for granted, and almost old-fashioned. I was a bit of a font nerd, and had books of font samples, and even some pre-desktop transfer sheets for fonts, allowing the user to create display text on paper directly.

But the world is changing, and becoming a less magical place. The old empires have fallen, and the typeface designers have passed into the West.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.