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No. 928: Holly's Rocket Episode This One

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Holly's Rocket Episode This One

First | Previous | 2024-03-20 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=928

Strip by: Wibi

{Oliver is talking to the camera, with his hands together.}
Oliver: I asked myself, yeah, I'm growing out of this culture, but who's destroying it? Who is erasing my childhood - one I should've known better than to cherish? Maybe it was just a natural process, I thought.
{Angled shot. We see Oliver is speaking to a microphone and sitting at a control panel.}
Oliver: Then I heard about you and your rocket.
{Exterior. Oliver's spaceship is attacking Holly's rocket with lasers.}
Oliver {from spaceship}: Conversations with long-lost friends. Snapshots of a flawed, but *happy* past. Genuine works of art. All lost, because you needed fuel for your escapist fantasy.
SFX: Pew pew pew
{Interior of Holly's rocket. Holly is sitting at her own control panel, as Meridien is freaking out and Delkin is mildly distressed.}
Meridien: WHAT'S HAPPENING????
Holly: This seems to be a level 5 protagonist morality hijacking.
{Holly turns to face Meridien.}
Holly: He's latched onto the fact that our rocket consumes websites as fuel*, and framed us as a direct analogy for the corporatization of the internet from a millennial perspective. He now has narrative justification to fight us and win. We're in BIG trouble.
Footnote: *see comic #905
{Meridien contemplates this.}
Meridien: I wonder if... hey, open up the drawing program on the ship console, would you?
{Delkin gasps.}
Title bar: Untitled1* - AstroPaint
{A crude rendition of the dogfight between Oliver's spaceship and Holly's rocket. Oliver's ship is labeled "VILLAIN OF THE WEEK", while Holly's is labeled "GOOD GUYS".}
{Cut to the actual scenario. Oliver's ship is retreating.}
Oliver {from spaceship}: Aaaargh! You've foiled my scheme this time, S.S. Hollywood, but mark my words -- I WILL RETURN!
{Interior of Holly's rocket. Holly and Meridien rejoice.}
Holly: Yaaaaay.
Meridien: Yay. We should act like we learned something so we stay sympathetic to the audience.
Holly: No.
{Delkin is unamused.}

The author writes:

You wouldn't know it, but part of why I draw Holly's Rocket is to show off my appreciation of the many different models of spaceship. For example, the one that looks like a big guitar pick, and the one that looks like an airplane.

And all spaceships have roombas aboard. Obviously.