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No. 905: Holly's Rocket

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Holly's Rocket

First | Previous | 2023-11-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=905

Strip by: Wibi

{Holly is entering a rocket. Meridien is looking up at it.}
Meridien: how'd you afford it
Holly: fake tech startup ("the uber of panini presses")
{They are inside the rocket. Holly is configuring a control panel, and there is futuristic technology in the background (a Roomba).}
Meridien: what's it run on
Holly: so you know the dead internet theory?
{Outside view. The rocket blasts off.}
Caption: Meanwhilst:
{Oliver is at a laptop computer, looking at a website offering a free virus.}
Oliver: aw. another personal website taken down and replaced with spam

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