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No. 906: Holly's Rocket Episode IV

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Holly's Rocket Episode IV

First | Previous | 2023-11-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=906

Strip by: Wibi

Holly: hey we're going to planet X-2307594809451045920354191023458671 now
Meridien: ooh ok
{Holly's rocket blasts through space.}
SFX: [there goes zombocom]
{Meridien and Holly are on a sandy planet with an orange sky. They are approached by a purple creature with two visible mouths (from this angle), and a glassy dome showing its brain.}
{Holly turns to discuss this with Meridien.}
Holly: isn't that amazing? just how different other intelligent lifeforms are to what's encountered on earth
Meridien: this is actually very fascinating and brings up many points of discussion
Meridien: most obviously is the presence of what appears to be three mouths. i can't think of any evolutionary advantage on earth for having multiple mouths, so this planet's biosphere must be very different even though we're not wearing any helmets. additionally creatures on earth typically only evolve things in pairs; maybe the life that deve... here favors trifold symmetry?... there's an additional thing... considered that maybe this... doesn't represent their sp... to mutation to some degre... there's even a biomoddin... this individual has no... their base spe...
{The creature is blocking part of Meridien's monologue. Its dome is half-shut, like an eyelid.}
{The creature is now Delkin.}
Delkin: ok fine we're all just boring humanoids with hologram technology that makes us look like weird aliens
SFX: Pow
Meridien: so what does this imply for fermi's paradox
Delkin {leaving}: it implies aliens don't feel like coming up with a solution to fermi's paradox

The author writes:

I have not read Planet of Hats, and I know nothing about Star Trek, but I would assume Planet of Hats has already either done a joke like this or covered a situation like this.