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No. 312: Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Fourth Stanza

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Sestina About Multiple Rabid Delkins: The Fourth Stanza

First | Previous | 2010-12-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=312

Strip by: qvaak

Oliver: This thing is bigger than our differences.
Oliver: I can't afford to get picky. I need all the help I can get.
Oliver: More precisely, I need y-
Samantha: Rabid Delkins are attacking!
Oliver: I know, dammit! Will you cut it out already!
Oliver: Unless..
Oliver: You don't mean.. They are coming en masse now?
Samantha: Yes.
Delkin4: Rowr!
Oliver: AAAAAAH!
Delkin5: HURRR!
Delkin4: GRAAH!
Delkin5: GURRRR!
Samantha: Should I help you with the fighting?
Oliver: Die Die Die
Oliver: NO!
Delkin4: hugh
Delkin6: hurrrch
Delkin7: gck
Samantha: You wrestle incredibly well.
Oliver: Thanks.
Oliver: Seems that was the last one of this wave. uuuh.. listen..
Oliver: When I said you shouldn't help me with the fighting..
Oliver: Guess if I was sarcastic!
Oliver: ..And after you guess that I was dead serious and not the least
Oliver: Guess again.

The author writes:

After spending months mulling over ideas for this experiment, I came to the conclusion that I would never even start writing, if I would try to do this clever and structured. I decided I would have a fight with zombies ... no, with rabid Delkins. Then I decided what the repeating end panels would be - just something generic and diverse enough. In retrospect, my choices weren't that great, but they got me going. I started to construct the stanzas, one after another. No writing beforehand, no clear overall structure. The speech-bubble-less style made re-editing the dialogue easy and static cut and paste characters were easy to move around, so I did edit and re-edit the strips quite a lot, but for me the process was still very streamlined.

Mr. David Birch is responsible for the character art. He is not, however, responsible for how it has been used.