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No. 311: Fauxbot

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First | Previous | 2010-12-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=311

Strip by: Terrane

Narration: In the future, technology has advanced far enough that robots are commonly built to look indistinguishable from humans.
Narration: However, one of the original human models for a Samantha-type disguised herself as a robot belonging to a wealthy businessman. She used this opportunity to murder him and steal valuable jewels from his house.
Narration: Now she is on the run in a city filled with hundreds of her doppelgangers. Can the real Samantha ever be found?
Narration: The exciting conclusion!
Samantha A: I'm telling the truth! I'm really a robot!
Samantha B: You have to believe me! I'm really a robot!
Policeman: I can't tell which one to shoot!
Samantha A: Uh, why don't you just shoot me? After all, I'm a robot, so it wouldn't hurt me, and the minor damage could be easily repaired.
Samantha A: In fact, you should just shoot us both. The one of us who dies would obviously...
Samantha B: O-okay! Okay! I give myself up!

The author writes:

The whole "figure out which one is the robot duplicate" thing doesn't seem to work as well in reverse. Especially when you're dealing with people who are too logical and have little respect for human life.