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No. 93: A New Perspective

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A New Perspective

First | Previous | 2016-05-07 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=93

Strip by: AlduinTheCat

{Pig and Rat are somehow embedded in a mysterious rectangle that is facing the viewer.}
Pig: Hey, Rat... is the strip-
Rat: Dude dude dude... do... not... move...the strip is perpendicular to the page... one false move and you're gone for all eternity...*
Footnote: *Or until he's brought back without explanation.
{A fireman is at the top of a ladder resting on the side of the panel.}
Fireman: Guys guys... don't panic... just put your trust in me... I will get you out... everything will be okay... I promise you...
{Pig immediately falls from the panel.}
{Rat is shocked.}
Fireman: {Nonchalantly} It happens.
{Their strip has ended, but Pig continues to fall down... down to an Over The Hedge strip.}
RJ, Verne, Hammie (I think? I'm not too familiar with the characters), and some random bird are sitting on a hill.}
RJ: Check out that cloud. It looks like a COW.
Hammie(?): THAT one looks like a dog!
Random Bird: {Pointing at Pig} There's a pig!
Verne: That one looks kinda like a 3D representation of the universe during its initial expansion, about .0000137 seconds after the Big Bang...
{Everyone else gets annoyed and leaves.}
Verne: {Yelling to his distant associates} Well, it does!

The author writes:

That first strip always seemed to me to have more than meets the eye. Considering the comic's meta nature, wouldn't he just fall into the Funnies? Well, now we know.

A couple things: One, in the Pearls strip, all but one of the sentences ends with an ellipse. Second, I chose Over The Hedge because of similarities in setting and character archetypes. Third, I had to redraw part of Pig to match the line art. On an final note, I wonder how Pig would adapt to his new (possibly permanent) life in a different comic strip. I guess I'll leave this to you, readers.

Original Strips: Pearls Before Swine: 2006-04-26, 2004-11-07, 2010-08-19. Over The Hedge: 2002-08-28.