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No. 829: Miracle of life

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Miracle of life

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=829

Strip by: KahnerC

{Wal' leads a group to Dog}
{Wal' pats Dog's head}
{Wal' reaches behind Dog}
Dog: {yelping in pain} Yip! Yap! Yarroo!
{Wal' produces an egg. The children are astonished, while Dog smiles proudly}

The author writes:

Footrot Flats is a farm strip done right. It stars a guy named Wal' who farms and gets involved in farm-based activities and situations. His dog is not named within the strip as an artistic choice. The humour is about his activities on the farm, and his activities in the lifestyle of one who farms. Clancy, by comparison, stars a blob in plaid. He is not named within the strip, as there is no reason to address him as an individual. The humour comes from his habit of telling bad jokes and having bad jokes told around him. He sometimes tells these jokes while on a farm.

Clancy is more than a harmless dull strip. It's embarrassing us in front of the Kiwis.

Original strip: Footrot Flats #820.