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No. 82: Short Pants Don't Touch His Feet Anymore

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Short Pants Don't Touch His Feet Anymore

First | Previous | 2016-04-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=82

Strip by: AlduinTheCat

{Calvin and Hobbes are in a time machine, flying through time.}
Calvin: We made it! It's a good thing the time machine didn't stall, or we'd have been eaten by dinosaurs!
Calvin: We're coming back toward the present now. Do you want to stop at home, or keep going into the future like we planned?
Hobbes: I've had enough time traveling. Let's go home.
Calvin: Let's go just a LITTLE into the future and see what I'm like as a teen-ager!
Hobbes: Let's not, all right?
{The time machine lands in the future anyway, next to Pearls Before Swine's depiction of 24-year-old Calvin. He is drinking beer and wearing the exact same clothes as his younger counterpart, which are now far too small for him.}
Future Calvin: {Dejectedly} Stupid clothes.

The author writes:

Hello! I'm AlduinTheCat, and this is my first contribution to iToons. I have a bunch of these remixes, and hope to post more.

Now, this edit was fairly simple. It took me longer to write the transcript than to make this. I considered using the Future Calvin from the strip before the one I used, but I thought this version was the most discouraging. The title refers to this strip.

And yes, the Past Calvin and Future Calvin are a little too close together in the last panel.

Original Strips: Calvin And Hobbes: 1987-09-10, 1987-09-01. Pearls Before Swine: 2013-12-17.