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No. 800: And they say Endgame was the most ambitious crossover...

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And they say Endgame was the most ambitious crossover...

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=800

Strip by: Manny

{Blondie strip}
{Dagwood has just finished making one of his signature sandwiches}
Dagwood: Making sandwiches is an art, and I am an artist
{Enter Garfield}
Dagwood: Hey! Who are you?!
{Garfield has eaten the sandwich}
Garfield: {well-fed} A patron of the arts
{SFX: pat pat}
{Dagwood is beside himself with disbelief}

{For Better or For Worse strip}
John: Can I drink out of the toilet?
Elly: No, use your water bowl, it's on the floor.
Elly: I swear I'm taking you to the vet.
John: I feel like chasing the cat.
John: Maybe I'll just eat some garbage.
Elly: There's someone at the door.
Mother Goose: Excuse me, I think you have our bubbles.
Dialogue under Mother Goose: El, do you have my car keys?

{Hägar the Horrible strip}
J. Kennedy: Excuse me... are you Hagar?
Hägar: Yes... Who are you?
Kennedy: J. Kennedy, systems analyst... I was hired to make your raids cost-effective by getting them to run more efficiently
Kennedy: First, I need to know your preferred mode of attack and weaponry...
{Gilligan cut, Kennedy has been bashed with a mallet}
Patron: You could've just told him "sneak attack" and "big honkin mallet"...
Hägar: Yeah, but all of the subtle nuances would've been lost

{Bizarro strip}
Zippy: {in drag} Today I'd like to juxtapose three unrelated concepts, two surreal images and a dollop of word play. How 'bout you?
Clown: {also in drag} Too bizarre for me. Talk to my ketchup bottle...
Ketchup bottle: Ha, ha
Text box: April Fool's Day at the Cartoon Characters' Retirement Home

{Shoe strip}
Shoe: Clean out your desk!
Cosmo: I like it this way
Shoe: Good! Now at least you match it!

{Sherman's Lagoon strip}
Sherman: Who's that?
Hawthorne: Oh... That's the new couple that moved in down the reef.
Sherman: Do they have kids?
Hawthorne: Apparently so. They've been asking around about babysitters.
{Sherman has a horrified look, as if he knows what's about to happen next}
{Cut to the next panel, where Megan is meeting with the family in question, who look suspiciously like a certain other family...}
Megan: I just can't wait to meet to meet the little tidbits... I mean tykes.
Not Darryl: Do you always carry around a jar of tartar sauce?

{Sally Forth strip}
Sally: I'm leaving you, Ted. I'm running off with Ralph to Tahiti.
Ted: What a coincidence, so am I.
Sally and Ted: April Fools!

{Beetle Bailey strip}
{Beetle is writing a letter to his parents}
Beetle's letter: Dear Mom and Dad, Sarge is right.
Beetle's letter: Some of our recruits really are birdbrains.
{Next to Beetle is Skyler, no doubt in one of his usual summer Army/Marine training escapades}

{Beattie Blvd. strip}
{A family is driving past a sign for the Bijou Drive-In Theatre, showcasing "Tonite's Double Bill", which is left blank}
Caption: "Note: A portion of today's cartoon has been printed in invisible ink. To make invisible area appear, moisten with tongue."
{Err... no thanks}

{Dilbert strip}
{Dilbert and Dogbert are at the computer, when suddenly...}
Billy: Hey, Dilbert! You'll never be hungry as long as you're workin' in this strip...
Billy:...'Cause you're sure of three squares every day!
Billy: Some of us hafta keep goin' around in circles!
{Billy's fourth-wall breaking comments clearly do not impress Dilbert}
Dilbert: {on the phone} Security?

{The Family Circus strip}
Thel: {taking the role of the Pointy-Haired Boss, with Dogbert as her consultant} My consultant says that if Billy can "work cuter, not harder," we won't need to downsize again.
{Billy is inert, and is wearing Dilbert-like glasses}
Dolly: {via inner thoughts} I hate Mommy's new hairdo.

{Hi and Lois strip}
Trixie: I love you, Sunbeam! You're all mine!
Trixie: Tell that to this baby sitter, okay?
{Her babysitter is Luann, who is on the phone and acts like she's at the beach for some reason}

{Baby Blues strip}
{The characters have been race-lifted}
Zoe: Why, Daddy, why why why?
{Darryl shrugs, leaving Zoe perplexed}
Wanda: Why didn't you answer her?
Darryl: I didn't want her to think every question was as easy as black and white!

{The Norm strip}
Norm: {to himself} I've got a good job...good friends...upgraded software...
Norm: Truly...my future's so bright I have to wear shades!
Wendy: Actually...
Wendy: It's bright in here 'cause you're under my glass ceiling.
Reine: Sunscreen?

The author writes:

Today, I present a selection of strips from the great comic strip switcheroo of April 1, 1997, collected here so that anyone may use them for their iToons remixes.

Original strips: All dated 1997-04-01.
Sourced from the following: