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No. 798: Rerez Before Swine

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Rerez Before Swine

First | Previous | 2024-04-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=798

Strip by: Mr. Skullhead

Goat: What are you writing, Pig?
Pig: My first novel.
Goat: Can I see it?
Pig: Sure...
Goat: This is a little stilted, Pig..you ever tried writing sort of stream-of-consciousness?
Pig: What is that?
Goat: You just kind of let your thoughts flow out on the page quickly, without a lot of self-editing. Some people think it's the key to great prose.
Pig: Really?
Goat: Yeah...try it.
{Pig writes on the paper.}
SFX: write write write write
{Pig hands the paper back to Goat. Goat reads it.}
Paper: Game console buttons for the four function keys to support even the fight function, opponents speed and operational requirements are higher The game is better.
Rat: Looks like his stream-of-consciousness became a babbling brook of badness.
Goat: Will you please
{Pig continues writing.}
Paper: Never allow children play it alone for it comes to the power using

The author writes:

Okay. It doesn't look like it's working.

Original Pearls Before Swine strip: 2006-11-19.