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No. 786: Sanji at Swampy

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Sanji at Swampy

First | Previous | 2024-03-21 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=786

Strip by: shiningpikablu252

{Sanji stands on the right side of the first panel, holding a "Junko Pop" in his hand}
Pvt. Blips: I wish Sanji would ask me for a date
Ms. Buxley: Please! He's a male chauvinist, a cad and a misogynist
Pvt. Blips: Yeah! I'd like to teach him a thing or two!

The author writes:

Looks like Sanji's about to get a reality check―the Army is not a better place for a Casanova Wannabe than a pirate ship! No matter how often he stops by Sunfish Pocket on the way there for a lollipop...

(Say what you will about the 4Kids dub—keep in mind, not even 4Kids themselves were defending it at the time of their demise—but whomever was in charge of visual presentation must have been quite the Kojak fan...)

Original Beetle Bailey strip: 2024-03-06.
Sanji courtesy of One Piece: Unlimited World Red