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No. 750: The Boys Make an iToons Strip

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The Boys Make an iToons Strip

First | Previous | 2023-12-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=750

Strip by: Manny

{Scene: Broflovski residence. The boys have gathered around Kyle's computer, reading some particularly unpleasant comics online. Who wants to bet that one of those comics is Reply All?}
Kyle: Check this!
Kyle: Some people actually consider these comics funny!
Cartman: It's not funny, dude.
Cartman: I'll show them funny!
Stan: Hey, yeah! We should do a comic for that iToons site!
{Kyle's face lights up at the thought}
Cartman: Yeah, we can do something way funnier than those other guys!
Kyle: All right!
Kenny: (Awesome!)
Kyle: {takes to his keyboard} [...]
Kyle: "iToons submission: An actually funny comic..."
Kenny: *giggle* ("Actually funny...")
{In true Kenny fashion, he suggests an edit of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge inexplicably wearing wedding dresses as if they were marrying, to Archie Andrews's horror}
Kyle: *snigger*
{Cartman, meanwhile, suggests something where Bugs Bunny engages in a fit of unbridled rage, presumably at his big musical movie being put in limbo}
{At school the next day, the boys continue brainstorming ideas. Kyle suggests a reference to SpongeBob in a purple dress with a matching hat and purse}
{Stan, on the other hand, brings up the humor potential stemming from Barbie and Ken's mugshots}
{No matter the suggestion, the boys keep laughing, as if each one is funnier than the last}
{The laughter continues at Stan's home, where he and the boys read up on what and what not to submit to iToons}
{Text box, overlooking a sunny morning in South Park: The next day...}
{Cartman, having just gotten out of bed, goes straight to his computer, eagerly awaiting the fruits of the boys' efforts}
Cartman: ♪
{Computer: 'Site loading...'}
{Computer: 'Site loaded!'}
{Uh-oh! That doesn't look like the boys' comic! The title, the author handle, and presumably the transcript are correct, but the comic itself is totally different!}
No. 750: An Actually Funny iToons Comic
Strip by: The Boys from South Park

T-Rex: zoo wee mama
T-Rex: lawl*
*The dog is not perturbed
{Cartman is horrified}
Cartman: !!
{Cut to the Broflovski residence; Kyle is similarly horrified, and keeps refreshing the page to see if the correct comic is up}
Kyle: !!
{Marsh residence; Stan looks at the computer, seething and fuming at the obvious error, as indicated by the Frustrated Overhead Scribble}
{McCormick residence; Kenny is still sound asleep. Perhaps he hasn't seen the comic yet...}
Kenny: Z
{Black screen: Meanwhile...}
T-Rex: {4Kids Sanji voice} So, I may have accidentally mixed up one strip with another
T-Rex: NO BIG DEAL. This'll blow over soon enough and I can goof up some more!
T-Rex: What's the worst that could happen?
Offscreen voice: Hey Mr. T-Rex, there are some pretty angry boys who'd like to see you.
T-Rex: !
{Judging from his reaction, those boys must be pretty angry. And it seems Kenny's finally seen the comic!}
Disclaimer: In this scene, the boys retaliate against a Tyrannosaurus rex because he made a tiny, easily-corrected mistake.
Disclaimer: iToons has refused to allow such a heinous action to be displayed on their site.

The author writes:

This is the "big comic" I teased in two of my previous strips. It took me the better half of two days to get done, but I enjoyed every minute of it. This'll make one heck of an entry on iToons Explained!

The idea came to me after seeing "Calvin Makes a SRoMG Strip" over on--where else?--SRoMG. You could also say that I was inspired by something that happened on iToons not too long ago...

Original South Park screencaps:

Image of the town of South Park courtesy of South Park Archives.

Original Dinosaur Comics strips: All of them.

Pokémon images courtesy of Bulbagarden Archives.

Betty and Veronica panel courtesy of Archie Out of Context.

Tortoise Wins by a Hare and Barbie screencaps courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Crossdressing SpongeBob image courtesy of Nickelodeon.

Wow, that's a lot of sources...