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No. 665: The Replacement

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The Replacement

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=665

Strip by: Muk

Title text: The Replacement
{SpongeBob is in the Krusty Krab, washing dishes and singing}
SpongeBob: Doopiee doo doo! Washing the dishes through and through! What a lovely thing to do! Doopiee doo doo!
STORY: Graham Annable
PENCILS: Gregg Schigiel
INKS: Adam Dekraker
LETTERING: Comicraft
COLORING: Molly Dolben
{SpongeBob is interrupted.}
Mr. Krabs: {offscreen} Put that towel away, lad!
{Mr. Krabs holds up a bottle of mustard against a burst background.}
Mr. Krabs: Make way for the FUTURE!
{Mr. Krabs gestures to nothing in particular, still holding the mustard.}
Mr. Krabs: Allow me to introduce the ultimate in cleaning technology!
SpongeBob: Cleaning technology?
Mr. Krabs: "No grime anytime!"
Mr. Krabs: {holding pamphlet} That's what it says in this here pamphlet!
Mr. Krabs: Let's have a test, shall we? Observe as I squirt some grime!
{Mr. Krabs squirts mustard on the dishes.}
SpongeBob: {offscreen} HEY! My clean dishes!
{SpongeBob is horrified, while Mr. Krabs is calm.}
Mr. Krabs: Don't fret, lad!
SpongeBob: I-I guess I won't get to wash the dishes anymore, then.
Mr. Krabs: Not only that, me boy!
Mr. Krabs: {holding up pamphlet and mustard} According to the pamphlet, this does it ALL!
SpongeBob: All?
{Mr. Krabs takes off SpongeBob's employee hat.}
Mr. Krabs: Your services are no longer required at the Krusty Krab!
SpongeBob: {sadly} N-n-no longer... required?
Mr. Krabs: {smugly} I'm sorry, me boy.
{SpongeBob looks shocked.}
Text: END

The author writes:

The SpongeBob Comics are pretty good, and I'm surprised we haven't had an iToons submission with them yet.

Original strips: SpongeBob Comics issue 4, pages 3-10.